2008 - Present: Drupal and custom modules, APIs, themes and user interface. PHP, MySQL, jQuery, Linux, SVN, Trac, PayflowPro Integration, Telecommuting. Site Development, design, functional improvements and company-wide tech support. WAKA Kickball serves over 150,000 players in 200+ leagues. I began at WAKA with two days Drupal experience. The new Drupal site launched on Feb. 15, 2009 with over 100,000 users ported from their old system. I was the only full-time programmer until April 2009. I currently share duties with two other full-time programmers.
2012 - 2014: Drupal 7 and its modules, APIs, themes and user interface. LAMP (Linux / Apache / MySQL / PHP), jQuery, AJAX/JSON, HTML/CSS. Senior Developer, Systems Administrator, Project Management, Mentor. A Fresh Web Design is a one-stop design and development shop that typically has 8 – 10 projects working at any given time. We cater to small and medium sized businesses with ecommerce business models. Every project is unique and requires some very creative leveraging of contributed Drupal 7 modules to provide the special services that make our clients stand out in their field.
2008 - Present: Drupal. Simple Drupal site for my local public library. Contributed modules only but allows the librarians to update content and provides a handy homepage for the library's public computers. This is setup as part of a multi-site Drupal install with a variety of clients and personal sites.
2008 - Present: Static HTML brochure-style site. Effective and elegant.
2005 - Present: PHP, dHTML. Site implementation and maintenance. Developed to showcase the work of arguably the most prolific and well-known sports artist in America, this site is currently an extensive gallery with recent press releases and media coverage featured. The back-end directory structure is carefully organized to aid in updates and additions. E-Commerce functionality is in the planning stages at this time.
Center Creek Records and Publishing
2007 - Present PHP, dHTML. Simple site that utilizes flatfiles instead of a database.
2002 - Present: PHP, dHTML. Site design, graphics, implementation and maintenance. A very interesting topic made this project exciting. It features many behind-the-scenes custom functions to make updates and expansion simple and quick. Eventually, we were invited to attend their Easter 'rendezvous'. WOW!
2005 - 2010: PHP, MySQL. Site upgrade, design, development and maintenance with a legacy MySQL database. This high-traffic contest site handled hundreds of user uploads and form submissions daily with a simple interface that suited a wide demographic audience of international pet-lovers. Javascript was used for all form validation. This client knew exactly what he wanted and was very involved with every step of the process of building and maintaining the site. Numerous updates, improvements and specific marketing requirements were added over the years as requested. A simple, secure administration area was included for handling entries and tracking some basic statistics.
2007 - 2009: PHP, MySQL, OSCommerce. Handled server administration, client support, OSCommerce functionality and site maintenance for this client. With four physical store locations in two states and the on-line store all utilizing and updating the OSCommerce inventory system constantly, server stability is imperative for this well-established retailer. The 2009 server migration and OSCommerce updates for the entire system were completed with less than two hours downtime over a couple of days for the on-line store.
2005 - 2008: PHP, MySQL. Site maintenance and support. Provided government agencies such as county treasurers with a credit card payment option. Server-side SaaS used the client browser and an inexpensive card swiper at the client end to provide a simple solution. &
2002 - 2008: Ruby on Rails, MySQL. Database and site development, implementation and maintenance as well as server and email administration. This boutique roasting house required a distinctive shopping experience combined with an exhaustively function-rich back-end that did everything except measure the coffee, roast it and package it for shipment. This left the client free to focus on customer service, their strongest attribute besides roasting coffee! The e-Commerce front end included customized credit card processing with the LinkPoint API, customer accounts, gifting options, multiple ship-to functions, periodic charges and pausing and canceling of recurring orders, and a dash of AJAX and Javascript for ease of use and an efficient user interface. It used SOAP and WSDL to interact with the US Postal Service API and the State of Kansas API for shipping and tax calculations. The back-end of the site handled, among other things, customer accounts, inventory, logistics, shipping, and promotional sales.
2000 - 2008: HTML, CSS, dHTML, PHP, Javascript, PostgreSQL. Draco provided web development, design services and hosting to a variety of clients.

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