Dynamic Websites
Design and implement dynamic database-driven sites that utilize PHP, SQL, HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, XML, XHTML, dHTML, Javascript, jQuery, MySQL, PostgreSQL, AJAX. LAPP/LAMP-based. Especially e-Commerce.
Ubercart, OSCommerce, ZenCart and Custom systems. Design, Setup, Integration, Maintenance. Integration with service-added APIs such as Paypal, LinkPoint, PayFlowPro, US Postal Service, State of Kansas Tax Rates.
Experienced in porting data between eCommerce solutions.
Content Management Systems (CMS)
Custom Content Management system design and implementation.
Performance, New Relic, Acquia, Contrib Modules, Custom Modules, UberCart, Views, Organic Groups, CCK, Multi-Site Installations.
Model/View/Controller Frameworks (MVC Frameworks)
Ruby on Rails, CakePHP
API Integration
Custom integration from API specifications. Current experience includes YourPay, Linkpoint, PayFlowPro, PayPal, US Postal Service, State of Kansas Tax Rates.
Basic LAMP/LAPP Server Administration
Linux, Apache, Mysql, PostgreSQL, PHP, OSCommerce, cPanel, Gmail, Google Apps and/or Plesk.
eBook Conversions
Convert manuscripts (usually MS Word documents) to .epub, .mobi files for use with eBook readers. Nook, Kindle, Sony, etc.
Software as a Service
SaaS. Custom system that allowed government agencies to accept credit card payments online.
Additonal Software and Development Tools:
Git, Subversion (SVN), Trac, Agile Development, Regression Testing, Office, OpenOffice, GIMP, PaintShopPro, Photoshop
Graphic Design
I am not a Graphic Designer. I will gladly work with your graphic designer's files or I have connections to several outstanding and talented artists who would be interested in working with you directly.

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