Are you looking for a fast, sturdy site that combines dynamic pages with database capabilities and is EASY to update? With 26 years experience in designing, implementing, and maintaining dynamic web sites that utilize MySQL and PostgreSQL, I can build a custom PHP or Drupal web application that fits your needs perfectly.

Imagine an on-line store that presents your business personality perfectly to your clients and ties in seamlessly with a custom back-end that helps you serve your customers and business requirements logically and efficiently. Utilizing Web 2.0 strategies, your site will be standards-compliant, handicapped-accessible, mobile-accessible, fluid, elegant, and functional.

Perhaps you simply need somebody to jump in and take over maintenance of your current website? I can handle your website administration needs quickly and efficiently. I know how frustrating it is when your emails and phone calls aren't answered in a timely manner and take pride in responding quickly to client requests.

I started handcoding websites professionally in 1998. You will find a number of sites listed that represent my work and range from simple HTML to a customized web application that is designed to handle every aspect of a business that can be automated. These sites are in various stages of completion and include descriptions for your convenience.

Does the project you have in mind require a different programming language, skillset or established Content Management System? I have a a lot of experience already, but love a new challenge! :)

I look forward to discussing how I can help your endeavor reach its maximum potential with a customized web solution. I will be happy to provide code examples for serious business inquiries.

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